Dan Bongino Sends Message Through Mark Levin…The Entire Game is Changing

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Folks, everything is changing, “fast and furious” style.


The events in DC escalated the “Trump Coup” to levels most of us never dreamed possible – you’d think we’d learn by now, right?

They’ve cut off our president from speaking or communicating with us – and his family too. It’s like we live in China. I can’t even believe this is America – where now many Americans believe that we actually “install” presidents.

Big Tech has coordinated and silenced Trump and his family indefinitely. And while this is going on, the GOP and the Dems, and the media are back to pushing the “25th Amendment” bullsh*it.

They recycle that garbage every 8 months or so.

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But now, many believe they’re serious this time and trying to make it happen in order to “remove” a sitting US President, who they believe can “ruin” their attempts to “install” Biden by “inciting” his army of supporters or declassifying everything under the sun.

And while all of this is going on, prominent conservative figures and personalities are also being silenced.

One of those people is Dan Bongino.

He was actually locked out of his own Twitter account for posting a “peaceful message” from President Trump after the Jan 6th event.

You can’t make this up…

Dan Bongino, like a lot of us, has had it with these tyrants and he sent a very big message via Mark Levin toay that is a game-changer.

Dan announced through Mark that he is officially done with Twitter. He’s walking away.

Here’s what Mark said:

“I’m posting this on behalf of Dan Bongino: “I got locked out of Twitter for posting the Trump taped speech. As a result, I’m leaving the platform permanently for Parler. I’ll post my final tweet and message for twitter tomorrow when the 12 hour lockdown ends.””

Well, we knew this day would come eventually, but I gotta tell you, it feels a lot like we live in China 2.0 right now, doesn’t it?

Everything is changing so quickly.

These are scary times, but I am here to tell you that it will get better. What you’re feeling right now is normal, and I feel it with you…But it will get better.


We’re in a political “war,” and we just lost a battle – a big battle – but God always has a plan, and he doesn’t let his righteous warriors down.

So, keep your chin up, and know that much better days are ahead…We’ve got this, and in the end — whenever that is — we will win.

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