Dinesh Just Broke The “GOP Stupidity Code” Wide Open and Explains Exactly What They’re Up to…

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Today, the GOP is dancing on Trump’s gave.


They’re literally doing a little “jig” on it, drunk with power, giddy with themselves, trashing Trump, his supporters, and acting as if they don’t have a care in the world.

The GOP establishment is doing what they always do – they’re capitulating to the left’s dopey outrage over the incident at the Capitol.

The left is feigning outrage, calling what happened the “worst day in America,” and comparing the brief “occupation” of the building to “Pearl-freaking-Harbor.”

Insanity and stupidity, but the right always fall for it, like dribbling dopes.

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Keep in mind the left are the people who have “occupied” plenty of federal and state buildings.

During Kavanaugh hearings, they even occupied Chuck Grassley’s office…of course, that was all amazing and stunning and beautiful…but what happened on the 6th was the next “911.” 🙄

And again, Republicans are on board with the left’s messaging and are falling in line like they always do by trashing Trump, and his supporters and calling all of us terrorists and agreeing that we’re the worst things since cancer or “COVID.”

It’s annoying – but I am so happy to report that someone has finally called out this pathetic behavior.

And it’s none other than Dinesh D’Ssouza.

He broke the GOP’s “stupidity code” and explains exactly what they’re doing.

Here’s what he said.

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“The essential stupidity of the Republican establishment is that it always accepts the other side’s narrative, even though the outrage on the Left is entirely strategic, a form of coordinated theater to create panic on our side. When will we learn to think and act for ourselves?”

We’ve seen all this before – when the entire GOP, Dems, Deep State, media, corporations, Hollywood, Big Tech, you name it, they all come together and pile on Trump.

So, this is nothing new…but it doesn’t make it any less disgusting…and it’s amazing that Dinesh called it out as he did. Brilliant.


The GOP is throwing a party right now – they’re really proud of themselves – and they don’t think we’ll remember this or care about it in a couple of years.

Boy oh boy, are they wrong.

Their day is coming…

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