Michelle Obama is Drunk With Power, Goes Full “Marxist Dictator” With Her Latest Plan…

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The communist left wastes no time in exerting their power.


Heck, they exert power even when they have none, so now that they’ve gotten a taste of some stolen power, they’re off to the races.

And the top-commie leading that race is none other than Michelle Obama, who has gone fill “communist dictator” in her latest drunken power statement.

Michelle Obama is now calling on Big Tech to permanently ban President Trump from all platforms.

I’m curious – how does this work with the new “unity” plan from the left?

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So, you want to silence the man that 75+ million Americans believe won the 2020 presidential election?

That’s the left’s idea of “unity?”

Sounds about right, actually.

See, the communist left is not interested in actual “unity.” They’re only interested in control.

They use words like “unity” to appeal to and truck gullible “do-gooder” conservative types.

Here’s what she said in her Marxist statement:

This is what the left does so much better than the right…They don’t care about how hypocritical they look or sound…they don’t care if you throw embarrassing stuff in their face from the past – they are singularly focused on achieving their goals at all costs, and nothing you say or do to shame them will change that.

On the flip side, the right is easily shamed and guilted into changing their views or scaling back their demands. They fold like a house of cards nearly every single time they’re confronted with an uncomfortable situation. And if they don’t fold, and actually win something, chances are it’s because the left allowed them to – not because they were actually strong and brave enough to win.


This is why the left continues to win and advance forward – because like it or not, conservatives are slaves to their own virtue. They haven’t figured out how to fight these monsters and still stay “virtuous.” It’s more important for conservatives to claim spiritual and moral high ground against the left than it is to actually win at something.

Many conservatives complain about how weak and feckless the GOP is. But, ironically, they behave the exact same way when confronted by powerful and aggressive messaging from the left. They back down and shift into “defense” mode, and began stumbling over themselves, desperately trying to justify or excuse their actions to make it fit into the “high road” or “that’s not who we are”  mentality.

And when you’re busy explaining yourself, you’ve already lost the fight.

That needs to change if we’re ever going to beat these communists.

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