Sebastian Gorka Just Annihilated Poor Bob Beckel…He Never Saw it Coming

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We all remember Bob Beckel right?

He was the insufferable liberal on Fox’s “The Five” until another nauseating Democrat, Juan Williams, came along.


If you recall Beckel’s time came to an end at Fox when he made some racially insensitive remarks to a black employee.


NEW YORK — Fox News Channel said Friday that it had fired liberal commentator Bob Beckel for making a racially insensitive remark to a black employee.

Fox offered no details on the case, but a lawyer for the employee said Beckel had “stormed out” of his office Tuesday when the man, who is a technician, came to do work on his computer, saying he was leaving because the worker was black.

The lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, also said that Beckel attempted to intimidate his client and get him to withdraw his complaint in a meeting Friday with Fox executive Kevin Lord. Fox denied that anyone tried to persuade the man to withdraw his complaint, and said that Beckel had apologized to him after he was fired.

Beckel, 68, is a veteran Democratic political strategist who is a regular on Fox’s “The Five,” where he discusses stories with four conservative panelists. The show recently moved into Fox’s prime-time lineup with the firing of Bill O’Reilly.

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Well Beckel recently emerged from his dark cave to cast a stone at Trump, which Sebastian Gorka brilliantly smacked down.

Check it out:



That’s gotta hit pretty close to home for old Beckel considering he was practically wiped off the political realm with his shameful departure from Fox.

You should’ve just stayed in your hole Beckel.

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