Watch: Chilling Final Video From Vet Ashli Babbit Just Before She Was Shot and Killed in DC 

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Ashli Babbit was a 14-year Airforce Vet who loved President Trump and her country.


She went to the January 6th rally, never thinking she would die there.

But that’s what happened – Ashli was part of the group who entered the Capitol building, unarmed.

And for reasons still not known, she was shot dead by a federal police officer.

Her precocious life just snuffed out. 

And after an entire summer of hearing about police brutality from the left, media, and BLM, suddenly, when an unarmed female Trump supporter is shot dead, nobody says a peep.

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But in her life, Ashli Babbit was a lot like you and me. She had given up on her corrupt government who has betrayed us over and over again and believed with all her heart that President Trump was the only one truly fighting for the American people.

She was right.

Here is her final chilling live-stream from the January 6th “Save America Rally.”

You can watch the video below:

Please pray for Ashli’s family, I can’t even imagine the horror and shock they’re still dealing with.


And be safe out there folks. This isn’t a game, our government is morphing into China 2.0 right before our eyes.

The left treats “political dissidents’ the same way most communists governments do.

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