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People claim Helinox Sunset Chair to be the best camp chair. Is it really so? Let’s find out in this comprehensive helinox sunset chair review.

Due to a lot of requests we finally decided to buy this chair and review it out. Whether shooting a mid-afternoon rest, sitting out a storm, or relaxing after a long day of climbing this seat has been with us for last few months. It’s super lightweight, easy to set up and comfortable, and will likely last for several years with its exceptional build quality.

Now after having examined the Helinox Sunset chair for a few months. Let us give some insight into the quality, the advantages and disadvantages, and test outcomes from utilizing it in different areas.

First let’s talk about specifications before the review:

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Quick Comparison

HELINOX Sunset Chair
MARCHWAY Camping Chair
KINGCAMP Camping Chair
Item Dimensions (D x W x H inches)
23.23″ x 23.62″ x 38.58″
27.5″ x 23.4″ x 39.8″
66″ x 59″ x 95″
Item Weight
Colors Available
All Black | Forest Green | Multicam | Paisley Blue
Black | Light Blue | Light Green | Red
Black | Cyan | Grey | Khaki | Pink
Polyester, Textile
Frame Material
Max Weight Capacity

Helinox Sunset Chair Specifications

Helinox Sunset Chair Lightweight, High-Back, Compact, Collapsible Camping Chair, All Black, Without...


  • Height: 98 cm
  • Length: 58 cm
  • Dimensions: 70 cm
  • Weight: 1340 g


  • Height: 14 cm
  • Width: 47 cm
  • Dimensions: 12 cm
  • Weight of the chair: 1475 g
  • Ability to hold: 145 kg
  • Ground to seat base: approx 36 cm
  • Added features: carry bag doubles as a neck pillow
  • Length: TH72M metal by DAC with high-strength Nylon hubs
  • Warranty: 5 years

Background and Helinox Chair Two vs. Sunset Chair (Comparison and Review)

In regards to outdoor gear, two essential questions come to mind. Is it powerful enough for the intended job, and can it be light and compact enough to take for travel or outdoors?

It can be tough to find equipment, particularly when it has to do with camp seats.

We have used a lot of cheap chairs previously, however the experience with these has not been that good. They generally fell apart after having used them for just a few outside trips. The legs would flex, and also the joints will only break right in 2. This is not the case with this sunset chair by helinox.

When we first had a look at the sunset chair it felt a little too thin for our liking. However, the Sunset Chair is somewhat larger in every way, and we find it quite comfortable to sit on. Let us take a good look at exactly what makes this seat unique and if it is well worth the cost.

Sunset Chair Review: Construction

helinox sunset chair review with best camping chair


Helinox utilizes quality materials during their merchandise, but the sticks stand out the most. The Sunset Chair uses DAC sticks created from a brand new TH72M metal. DAC sticks are also utilized in luxury tents and hiking poles. They’re the best of the best when it comes to lightweight tubing. The TH72M metal was initially designed for lightweight walkers, but DAC has generated a bigger pipe to be used from the Helinox seats.

The tubes are anodized using a ‘green anodizing’ procedure, which ought to be better for the environment and also for the men and women who fabricate Helinox equipment. This procedure provides the tubes a protective and durable finish. After using it for numerous week-long excursions within the last year we could not find a single scratch on the rods, they still look brand new to us.

Shock Cord

An elastic shock cord runs throughout the links and tubes all of the frame segments together. The shock cord assists the framework segments in self-locate to the nylon hubs. This produces the chair super simple to build. If you catch the middle tube that runs beneath the chair and shake it just a bit, the seat pretty much self-assembles. The tubes fit together quite precisely, but the slick finish makes the meeting quite simple.

If you can somehow harm one of those tubes, you can get a replacement from Helinox. They cover each of their seats using a 5-year warranty period so that you do not anticipate any issues if you use your chair typically.


DAC will also manufacture the hubs that combine all of the tube segments. They are built out of a high-strength nylon substance. They feel sturdy and the tubes fit in there with no slob.


The toes on the base of the seat are made from rubber. They are big enough to stop the chair from sinking to the floor. I consider about 75 kg and also have not had any issues sitting on the grass or sand. If you would like to use the seat on really loose dirt, you can get a floor sheet, which prevents the feet from sinking to the floor.

Helinox Sunset Chair: Comfort

asian woman napping on camping helinox sunset chair in nature


The base of the chair sits roughly 36 centimeters on the floor. This chair is a little lower than a full-sized camp seat and makes for a more comfortable seating position. For an averaged size person, this elevation feels comfortable, though. If you sit at the rear, you will find that your knees have been nearly at a 90-degree angle. The chair is large enough for tall people and enables your legs to remain in a relaxed posture.

Simultaneously, it is low enough you could still sit in the seat while preparing or cooking food on the floor. You cannot use the chair near a typical picnic table, camping tables, or Table One which Helinox sells.

Seat Design

We personally enjoyed the bucket chair design from Helinox. You kind of feel as you capture yourself being ‘hugged’ from the chair. The seat has a beautiful width compared to a number of the additional camp seats I’ve used. It’s somewhat fuller than the Helinox Chair 2, which we loved.

The Sunset Chair doesn’t have armrests, which may be troublesome for some people. I find my arms sit on my thighs, but I sometimes wish I could set them on some armrests. The seat is very tall, so it provides a fantastic neck support while relaxing or even while looking at the setting sun.


The chair of this chair is made of a durable cloth with solid stitching and reinforced panels. We liked the fact that a significant section of the chair is made of a mesh kind of material. This generates some welcoming airflow on hot summer days. You can use a down jacket or merely put a blanket on the chair to maintain warmth in your spine throughout winter time.


One incentive feature of this Sunset Chair is that you can use the neck pillow’s transport bag.

I usually stuff a down coat or rolled-up a towel from the pack and strap it into the seat’s peak together with the Velcro flap. Helinox also sells an Air & Foam Headrest However in our test the transport bag with a down coat was comfier (and it is pricey).

It is possible to fix the pillow’s position down and up, which is fine if you’re camping/traveling with taller or shorter buddies.


Setup of this Sunset Chair is super fast and straightforward. It requires about 30 minutes to unpack and build. As stated previously, the tube segments pretty much self-assemble as a result of the elastic shock cord.

You will find instructions on the chair’s base, but setting the sunset chair is so easy that you wont even need it.


If you finally decide to purchase the Sunset Chair and have cash left to spare, you can find some beautiful accessories.

If you ask us, we would buy the rocking toes later on, which include approximately 4 cm to this seat’s height. Who would not want a free rocking chair after a long day of hiking?

Other accessories include a mug holder, headrest, and ground sheet, but they are quite costly.

Color Choices

The Helinox Sunset Chair is currently available in 12+ color combinations to choose from. This wide range of variety is what has made it so popular as well.

Helinox Sunset Chair Review: Should You Buy It?

saleswoman selling camping helinox sunset chair

Initially, we really doubted why so many people had been impressed with this chair. But with use, we found the reason why. It is exactly what you need, all without the hassles. The Helinox Sunset Chair has rapidly grown to be one of our favorite parts of outdoor equipment and our team and I take it to many places.

The simple fact that it is so light and compact enables me to bring it on flights once I go on climbing and camping trips. The cheaper chairs may initially feel great to the pocket, but when the weight comes in they feel a burden and you doubt your purchases. This is however a very light chair. You can definitely use it for most of the outdoor adventures.

The only downsides of the chair are its high cost and how it’s no armrests. But we think the Helinox Sunset Chair is an ideal investment. Taking a look at the build quality, it will easily last ten years (it also includes a 5-year warranty from Helinox). So, in comparison to the 20-30 short camp seats, which last 1-2 years at maximum, it may not be much more expensive whatsoever.

I hope you found this helinox sunset chair review helpful. What are your thoughts on this chair? Let us know in the comments below.

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