[VIDEO] Fake Audio of Joe’s Presser Goes Viral, And It Ends Up Making a Bold Statement

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There’s a difference between fake news and funny memes.


I wish the left would figure this out because until they do, they’re going to keep looking like a bunch of humorless “Karens.”

And it’s so absurd to me that fact-checkers and “reporters” will run like wildfire to call out an obvious, funny meme, but they’ll say NOTHING when Joe Biden claims to own 2 shotguns one month, and four the next.


Nope, no interest in that, folks…

But memes? Well, they’re all over that stuff like white on rice.

And here we again, with another incident when the left-wing Fun Police have sprung into action.


Yesterday, while Joe Biden was yammering on about gun control, and claiming that the Parkland school shooting happened in 1918, the father of one of the victims stood up and heckled Joe for not going far enough.

This is what the incident looked like:


Then, a meme artist who goes by the handle Damon Imani took that clip and added his own audio, where he posed as a heckler, but this time, he was shouting out questions about Hunter’s newest iCloud leak, instead.

Brilliant, actually, and rather funny and clever, too… and say what you will about this “fake” audio, but it made a statement, didn’t it?

Maybe the media should actually report on Hunter news, instead of providing cover for Biden…


It was a funny meme, and most people watched it and laughed, and went about their day, unscathed.

And goodness, the left did all sorts of fake stuff about Trump for years, my gosh, they still do to this day.

It’s part of internet culture. 

Sure, some outlets got fooled and reported the Biden story, but they deleted their articles quickly afterward… it wasn’t apocalyptic or anything.

I assure you, the earth’s gravitational pull was not interrupted.

Did some elites get mocked? Yes. Which was the point.

Damon, the meme artist, said this in a follow-up tweet:

I was the one asking the question using a computer, a microphone and editing software. It’s called an informative meme based on reality.

Seriously, it’s not the end of the world, but the media sure acts like it is.

The elites really hate to be mocked.


Also, it shines a bright light on how they don’t actually do their jobs and refuse to ask the questions that the American people want Biden to answer.

Because we all know if that was Don Jr. in those videos, our glorious media would be asking questions about it every 5 seconds.

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