[VIDEO] Joe Says “Special Story” He Just Told in Jerusalem Has NEVER Been Shared Publicly (He Told Same Story 3 Mo Ago)

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One thing you need to remember about Joe Biden is that he likes to be “folksy.”


This was a gimmick that Joe and many other slick politicians used early in their careers.

It’s how they thought they “related” to average people.

They’d use “folksy” words, and do and say “folksy” things, just to seem like they’re normal/everyday people when they’re not.

They’re actually godless lizard people.

Joe would always say stuff to crowds as if he were talking to a friend.

“I’m not pulling your leg, I am being sincere,” or “I’m not being a wise guy, I mean it…”

He did that stuff to help push whatever underlying lie he was peddling.

Joe liked to disarm crowds by talking in this “special” way.

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So, when he tried this same goofy game today in East Jerusalem it didn’t surprise me.

It’s very “typical Joe,” he thinks these old-school political tricks from long ago still work today.

So, Joe starts telling a story about when he was in the hospital after his brain surgery and he lets everyone in the crowd know that he’s never told this story publicly.

That’s Joe’s way of letting everyone know how “privileged” they are, and how they’re about to hear something nobody’s ever heard before… he does it to manipulate.

He just wants to seem like average Uncle Joe, who’s so “relatable” and “real.”


The only problem with that is he actually told this exact story just 3 months ago.


Our good friend Maze found it.

You can watch the video below:

It’s amazing that we now have regular citizens like Maze here, forced to “fact-check” the so-called “president” because our lousy, propaganda media won’t do it.


If it wasn’t for people like Maze, and so many others, Joe could spin freely all of his lies, big and small, without a single ounce of push-back.

This is why they’re trying so hard to silence our voices on social media.

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