[VIDEO] President Trump Received a Ceremonial Sword Dance in Saudi Arabia… Joe Got a “Fist Bump” 

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It’s no secret that the elitist US press and establishment politicians dislike President Trump.


He’s the people’s president, and anything the “people” like the elites do not, so this isn’t a shock to anyone.

But that feeling of animosity, disrespect, shame, and angst didn’t go beyond our borders.

President Trump was wildly respected abroad.

Leaders knew he was a tough negotiator, and he made good deals.

They knew they couldn’t screw around with Trump, and that the “Dem” games were over… and they quickly regrouped, and treated President Trump with tremendous admiration and respect.

You can see that with all the trips he took overseas. The leaders and the people loved him and showered him with support and praise.

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When President Trump went to Saudi Arabia, they greeted him with a massive ceremonial sword dance.

It was quite a sight to behold.

You can watch the video below:


I mean, that’s like watching royalty walk into the room — and ironically, all the people there, are actual royalty.

So, what happens when Joe Biden shows up in Saudi Arabia?

Well, he’s there right now, let’s take a look, shall we?



He got a “fist bump.”

Impressive, Joe.

But there’s more humiliation…


This is just more proof that the world wasn’t “embarrassed” by President Trump, they respected him, and clamored over each other to show him a good time, in hopes of staying on his good side.

And THAT is how the leader of the Free World should be treated.

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