Just When Joe Thought The Mocking Couldn’t Get Worse, Gen Z Starts The #BidenBikeChallenge

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Just when Joe Biden thought the mocking from the American people couldn’t get worse, Generation Z starts the #BidenBikeChallenge, and the bottom falls out of Joe’s fake presidency.

Some people are also calling it #Bidening, but whatever you call it, Joe is once again the butt of another joke.

It all started when Biden fell off his bike during yet another vacation in Delaware.

He was standing perfectly still and toppled over.

His foot was stuck in the toe pad of his peddle — clearly, Joe’s motor skills are shot.


Joe went down like a sack of hammers.

After he was helped up, Joe probably hoped that was the end of the embarrassment, but boy was he wrong.

Generation Z latched onto the “fall” and even marked the “spot” where it happened, by writing in chalk, “JOE FELL HERE.”

Like a tourist spot. 

And if that wasn’t enough, they also started reenacting the fall and gave it the hashtag #BidenBikeChallenge or #Bidening

Here are some pictures making the rounds on the internet:


It started off where you had to be photographed in the exact spot that he fell for it to be an authentic #BidenBikeChallenge, but now it’s gotten so big, that people are just picturing themselves falling all over the place.

I guess that’s the “Bidening” part.

Either way, it just goes to show, that nobody, and I mean nobody, takes Joe Biden seriously.

At this point, the only thing he’s good for is a laugh.

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