Recession Outlook: Is the U.S. economy is a recession?


Yahoo Finance looks at the state of the economy following the Fed’s 75 basis point rate hike.

Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman weighs in on President Biden’s latest comments in which he stated the U.S. is not in a recession despite two straight quarters of negative GDP growth.

White House Council of Economic Advisers Member Jared Bernstein joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the state of the economy, inflation, recessionary risks, the labor market, and the Democrats’ climate and health care bill with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

Yahoo Finance anchor Brian Cheung weighs in on the Federal Reserve raising interest rates 75 basis points as the Central Bank combats inflation.

RJ Gallo, Federated Hermes Senior Portfolio Manager, and Seema Shah, Principal Global Investors Chief Strategist, join Yahoo Finance Live to discuss market reactions to the Fed’s 75 basis-point rate hike, inflation, and economic indicators amid recession worries.

Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman breaks down the Biden administration’s messaging on gas prices and how the SPR release impacts prices.

IMF Chief Economist Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas joins Yahoo Finance’s Brian Cheung and Akiko Fujita to discuss the IMF slashing its global growth forecast again, inflation, central bank policy decisions, and China’s GDP slowdown.

Investors are facing the most challenging economic environment in decades. Flashy rallies continue to lure in new traders even as the Fed gears up for a "triple" 75 basis points rate hike. Liz Young, Sofi Head of Investment Strategy, joins Yahoo Finance’s Jared Blikre to help investors navigate the volatile markets as Q3 earnings season heats up. Blikre will also demonstrate how to leverage the power of Yahoo Finance Plus for market technicals, fundamentals and portfolio management. Not a subscriber? Try Yahoo Finance Plus for free to join future webinars live.

Hennion & Walsh CIO Kevin Mahn and Ryan Belanger, Claro Advisors Managing Principal and Founder, sit down with Yahoo Finance Live to examine the Fed’s interest rate tactics to lower inflation and Snap’s earnings report.

Chelsie Moore, CFP®, CFA, COUNTRY Financial Director, Wealth Management and Financial Planning, sits down with Yahoo Finance Live to discuss what spending habits Americans are willing to cut to endure inflation.

Goldman Sachs Chairman & CEO David Solomon speaks on the current state of inflation and discusses how Americans can plan ahead to withstand it.

Citi Global Wealth Head of North American Investments Kristen Bitterly joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the likelihood of a recession, the state of the economy, market volatility, consumer spending, and the outlook for Fed policy.

Marta Norton, the Americas Chief Investment Officer of Morningstar Investment Management, and Simplify ETF CEO Paul Kim join Yahoo Finance Live to break down the market outlook amid recession scares and inflation, the Fed’s interest rate hike cycle, and energy markets.

Yahoo Finance Live anchors Julie Hyman, Brian Sozzi and discuss the UMich U.S. consumer sentiment report.

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Brian Sozzi, Brian Cheung and Julie Hyman June retail sales data.

Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman joins the Live show to report on President Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia as well as President Biden’s approval rating, and the outlook for inflation.

MKM Partners Chief Economist and Macro Strategist Michael Darda joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss PPI and CPI data, inflation expectations, Fed policy, monetary conditions, and the outlook for economic growth.

Yahoo Finance reporter Allie Canal breaks down the latest food index data, which grocery items are being particularly hit by inflation, and how it’s affected coffee shops like Dunkin’ and Starbucks.

Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council, joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss June inflation data, lower energy prices, and what the White House is doing to address higher prices.

Yahoo Finance’s Brian Cheung and Jared Blikre break down how the stock and bond markets have digested this morning’s CPI data, in addition to the outlook on the Fed’s interest rate hike in July.

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