Anthem-Hater Brittney Griner So “Distressed” Over 9-Year Sentence in “Penal Colony,” She’s Unable to Speak

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Brittney Griner has reason to be upset. She’s about to face a very serious prison sentence in a really stark Russian penal colony. As you may know by now, the anthem-hating WNBA player pled guilty to smuggling marijuana into Russia – a big no-no. It’s hard to believe that Brittney didn’t know this was illegal, I’ve never been to Russia, and even I knew that Marijuana was illegal there. Brittney has been traveling to Russia to play basketball for a while now — and if for some reason she didn’t know their rules and laws, shame on her, that’s her own fault. Brittney broke the law, and it doesn’t matter if she or her fans think the law is “stupid” or not. It’s still the LAW in that country. You can’t be such a privileged elite that you think other people’s laws don’t apply to you, right? So, now, she has to pay the price — they sentenced her to 9 years in a Russian penal colony.

But what is a Russian penal colony?

The New York Times described the penal colony this way: Some prisoners are tortured, or beaten by fellow inmates. Some have to work 16-hour days. A few are forced to watch Russian propaganda on repeat. This is the world of the Russian penal colony, into which Brittney Griner is about to be inducted for a nine-year term.

One Russian who is in a Russian penal colony said it’s like a concentration camp. That sounds ghastly. I am not a fan of the anti-American Griner, but I certainly don’t wish any physical harm to her. But this just goes to show why it’s so important if you’re traveling abroad, to respect other countries and cultures. Brittney gets to act like a self-entitled activist brat in the US, and is hailed a hero by some, but that doesn’t mean other countries will treat her childish and selfish shenanigans the same way.

We’re hearing that the news of the harsh sentence was so distressing to Brittney, that she can hardly speak.

Daily Mail reported that Brittney Griner’s attorney Maria Blagovolina has said her client is ‘very upset’ and can ‘hardly talk’ following Thursday’s sentence in which she was given nine years in a penal colony. ‘She is very upset, very stressed,’ Blagovolina said to reporters. ‘She can hardly talk, honestly. So it’s a difficult time for her.’ ‘When we saw Brittney, I think it was Tuesday, we told her, ‘see you on Thursday’. And she said, ‘see you on doomsday’ so it looks like she was right,’ Blagovolina said.

Griner’s defense attorneys are planning to appeal the verdict and she now had 10 days in which to do so, with a hearing expected next week. Out of the 692 prisons in Russia, 684 are penal colonies which are described as a ‘settlement established for punishing criminals by forced labor and isolation from society.’

Alexei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader, lawyer, and anti-corruption activist is currently serving his sentence in a penal colony which he has described as a ‘friendly concentration camp,’ with cameras ‘everywhere.’

On Thursday night, the head coach of Griner’s WNBA team said the nine-year sentence handed out to its star player was devastating — even though it was no surprise.

Joe Biden is vowing to “fight” to free Griner, who actually committed a crime and broke the law, and plead guilty. Meanwhile, there are people with misdemeanor trespassing charges rotting away in DC jails. Joe Biden has treated the January 6th protesters like “Russian political prisoners,” and now, he wants to “fight” for one of his lawless supporters?

Sorry, but I believe Brittney did the crime and now she must do her time, and we have no businesses “demanding” Russia release her, or trying to “swap” prisoners for her. Again, she committed a crime. She’s not a victim, even though she’s acting like one. That’s all she does, is act like a victim.

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