[VIDEO] Trump’s Former Speechwriter Reveals Insider Tricks Behind Biden’s Angry MAGA Speech

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Darren Beattie is the powerhouse behind Revolver.news, but did you also know he used to be President Trump’s speechwriter? So, who better to break down what happened on Thursday night with that demonic Hitler-like speech that Joe Biden spewed all over the country, than him? Many people are wondering, what happened and why did Joe Biden say those horrific things… Did he go off script, or did we misunderstand the message? And why did the stage look so ominous and creepy, like something the Third Reich would design?

Well, Darren says, no, you misconstrued nothing, and he reminds us that everything you saw last night was not only very deliberate but was painstakingly planned out to the last detail.

See, as Darren explains, there’s nothing left to “chance” when it comes to presidential speech writing. It’s all done in a very formulaic, fashion, so nothing is overlooked, and no messaging is out of place. So, the dark and disturbing, “Hitler-Demon” vibe you got, was the vibe that was intended.

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Darren explains this was a signal from Team Joe to all Americans that we’re now heading into a dark new chapter in our country’s history.


None of this angst and darkness is surprising.

This “presidency” hasn’t turned out how Biden thought it would. He’s not beloved “Uncle Joe,” who’s just crusin’ through his term, with his aviator sunglasses on, eating an ice cream cone. It’s been rough, thanks to his mushy brain and inability to do anything right. His polls are in the crapper, and his own party doesn’t want him to run again. The man has been an abysmal failure in every possible way.

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So, of course, Joe is in a dark place. And like the inept so-called “leader” he is, Joe’s dragging the whole country down to angry red blood-hell with him.

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